WINDOW FILMS only with US films FROM THE LEADING worldwide MANUFACTURERS Perfect coating the manufacturer's warranty up to and 12 years WINDOW FILMS 2 hours within Colours protective films shadowline for moldings and interior wrapping of a car Partial and full wrapping change of colour

Window films only with US metalized films within 1.5 - 2 hours.

Window tinting EN

Window tinting EN

For car window tinting we use metallic USA car films. The materials of the following manufacturers have proven themself in our long-term practice and are also well-recognized across the world as car films of the highest class (High performance automotive window films): LLumar, 3M and Sun-Gard Madico. When tinting a car with these films, the manufacturer warranty period provided by us is from 6 to 12 months. Perfect long-term window tinting is guaranteed!

Car vinyl wrapping

Car vinyl wrapping

Full car wrapping (vinyl wrapping) is the most popular and fastest way of changing a car’s colour and visual appearance. We are using the 3M series 1080 cast vinyl for car wrapping, which is the most qualitative long-term wrapping product in the world. Having tested the products of several producers, we have come to a conclusion that 3M meets the highest requirements and constitutes high-quality long-term car wrapping.



  • Window tinting withLLumar car films.
  • Window tinting with Sun-Gard MADICO films.
  • Window tinting with 3M films.
  • Video gallery.

We can perform window tinting at a client’s location, provided that the client ensures well-lit and closed premises.

We accept cars for window tinting around-the-clock, provided that time of reception is specified in advance.

You can leave your car with us in the evening and have it back the next morning already tinted.




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