Dyed films

dyed films

Dyed films are the most are the most economical and cheapest way of reducing the amount of light that is entering the interior of a car. These films absorb translucence, create darkening and prevent UV rays from entering the interior of the car. Dyed films are less efficient and functional right from the beginning, in comparison with metallic films. In a long-term perspective, dyed films will not last as long as films with a metallic layer. Looking through them will also not be crystal-clear right from the beginning, and will only worsen over time becoming turbid (the film will fade). These films are mainly used for changing the visual appearance of a car. These films are mainly thin and provide little protection against scratches. By choosing the cheapest tinting option you will have to give up sun heat rejection, and crystal-clear view from the inside towards the ouside. The lifetime of these films will be short and they will being to fade, become blue and turbid relatively fast. Many car owners believe that they will use their car for a couple of years and then just sell it. Upon selling the car to the new owner, the film will have started to fade or will have already become blue, and that will no longer contribute to the car’s value as a tinted windows extra option. Upon removal of the old film, there is a 50% chance that the heating elements of the rear windshield will no longer function.

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