Metallic films

metallic films

During the production process of metallic films an invisible powder-layer of metallic particles is integrated in the film, providing sun heat rejection effect. In comparison with the economic class films, these metal particles provide a gloss effect that prevents heat from entering inside the car. These films have a thicker structure, which is important in case the glass breaks, and have a thicker scratch-resistant layer. Metallic films will have a longer lifetime in the long run without changing their looks, meaning that they will not begin to fade before the end of manufacturer warranty period and will remain crystal-clear. These films reject 99.9% of UV rays and sun energy; these numbers can be found in the film darkness and tone technical data. By installing metallic films, the chosen darkening will not be an encumbrance for you during both day, and night time. The visual and practical characteristics of these films exceed those of the economy class dyed films. Upon choosing to install the highest quality original metallic USA films onto your car, your ride will become comfortable and pleasurable. It is also important that, upon selling your car, you will be able to specify an extra feature – windows tinted with metallic film.That will be perceived as a major benefit by the new owner, since the tinting will not have to be replaced, which will also be certified by a warranty certificate issued by the installer.

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