Useful tips for tinting windows

Here are some tips for people for tinting car and building windows, as well as for vinyl-wrapping car bodies; the quality of the film used and craftsmanship quality long-term warranty is very important.

  • Upon choosing a film for tinting your car’s windows or building windows, firstly gather information about the available manufacturers and their popularity on a global scale. It should not be difficult for you to find a manufacturer on Google and in the list of manufacturers of «IWFA International Window Film Association». Beware!!! There are advertisements that offer installing film produced by non-existent USA brands of a non-existent company. The website addresses of the genuine American film manufacturers end with domain .com, and the e-mail addresses of their distributers in other countries are different, and, also, their homepages are not in Russian!!!
  • It is easy to find on material technical data sheets for genuine American film manufacturers in pdf format. Example:  PDF
  • Do not choose and do not fall for cheap offers and special offers for window tinting containing suspiciously low prices for installing high-quality American film. For unaware people and people who are tinting the windows of their car or building for the first time, such offers involve installing Korea and China made films, as well as economy-class dyed films manufactured in the USA for the Russian market. The manufacturer’s warranty period for such films is 12 months, meaning that after 12 months the film will begin to fade. These films are impossible to find on the manufacturer’s siste in Europe or USA. The imaged placed here contains a lowered car door window, as viewed from the interior of the car. The film has begun to fade after a year and a half long period after installation. It can be seen that the upper edge of the glass that is hidden beneath the sealing rubber in raised position has not begun to fade.
  • Make sure the installer of the film actually performs glass tinting using the materials you have chosen. Often clients are being cheated – in reality, the installer uses a cheap dyed film that will look acceptable only initially.
  • Ask for the film installer to issue a warranty certificate for the materials used and craftsmanship. If the film installed is covered by a 10-year warranty, then make sure the manufacturer of the film ensures a warranty period of 10 years also in respect to fading. 10-year warranty period is offered by the USA film manufacturers only for the highest class films, for example, high performance window films. These films are not cheap, and the tinting of the windows will definitely cost you more than 100 €.
  • Entrust window tinting only to experienced professionals and companies that specialize in window tinting or car vinyl-wrapping. It is not worth choosing companies that provide servicing and repairs for all types of vehicles.
  • Contact the provider of the tinting services by phone in advance – find out the costs for your car and the manufacturer or brand of the film to be installed. Otherwise you risk becoming disappointed finding out that the low and tempting price specified in the advertisement applies only to cheap Korean films, which certainly is not advertised.
  • 50€ price for tinting the windows of a medium class car using the best films or the films of the highest quality is a big lie and empty promise. For such a cost, the installer can only afford to install cheap dyed films, as well as films manufactured in China.
  • Note! Being inside a car, the view through the windows that have a high quality film installed must be crystal clear regardless of the chosen darkness level, the view must be crystal clear in long term.
  • After the car windows have been tinted, pay attention to details – how the film has been cut, whether or not there is some dirt between film and the window that will become more apparent once the water dries off.
  • The gallery contains examples and comparisons between high quality and low quality installed films, or cheap and more expensive tinting. These are just some tips for people who value the quality of the film and tinting.
Comparative description of efficiency and practicability among the economy class films, dyed films (cheap tinting) and highest class metallic films coming soon.
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